Part II: The Case of Robert Tulloch and James Parker in Etna

‘The town did not see Rob and Jimmy as great kids,’ [Constable] Olsen opined. ‘We kind of looked at Jimmy Parker as coming from a family where nobody’s in charge, there’s no discipline, there’s no boundaries. These kids were allowed to do whatever they wanted because you don’t want to infringe on their creativity, their individuality.’ Of the Rob and Jimmy duo, it was Jimmy Parker who seemed to be the easier of the pair to figure out. The most frequent description of Jimmy from classmates at the Chelsea school was that he was the class clown, and a really funny one at that. While Robert Tulloch and Jimmy Parker had known each other for years, it became clear in the fall of 2000 that the two were now best friends. To be sure, there were certainly other close friends that both boys hung around with on a regular basis, but when they were together, they were something of a unique entity. Of the pair, Rob was clearly the leader and the deeper thinker. Jimmy always seemed ready to do whatever Rob thought up, and was eager to go to wilder and zanier levels.

Eric Francis, The Dartmouth Murders

It seems individuals in pairs destined for “karmic” circumstances in life, or whatever you want to call it, demonstrate one notable fact: opposites attract. This adage is seen everywhere. Are things really destined? Or do individuals that can be weighed and assessed in life by subtle astrological natal moments that, when mapped, demonstrate strikingly obvious patterns again and again; in particular planetary placements with strong oppositions, one cannot help but notice. I also reincluded Mr. Tulloch’s birth chart to compare to Mr. Parker’s.

What is the core of an individual’s make up? Ego? Spirit? Body? Being that the core of an atom is its nucleus and the core of the solar system is the Sun, could that same placement of the Sun in a birth chart demonstrate this? If true, it’s interesting to see that my rectification Mr. Parker’s chart puts the Gemini Sun conjunct Rahu in the 12th house and in Mr. Tulloch’s chart the Gemini Venus conjunct Rahu in the 7th. What can be made of this pattern? Given the head of the dragon (Rahu) is often a place of increase, and often of a negative increase, based on the events in their lives we can say we assurance that the two are prime examples of the nature of Rahu. Mr. Parker was born just six days before a solar eclipse—and ancient indicator of misfortune:

Here in Mr. Parker’s chart we see the significance of the 8 of Swords previously mentioned in Part I in reference to the time of the murders as decan of Mr. Parker’s Sun and Rahu conjunction; we see Mr. Tulloch’s in the Rider-Waite 10 of Swords, or “Ruin.”

10 of Swords

What’s the most eerie for Mr. Tulloch’s Venus-Rahu conjunction is the relationship between the man in the card and what’s happening in Taurus. The stabbed man is The Hierophant—the major arcana tarot card for Taurus—as shown by the man’s curious hand gesture. Opposite The Hierophant as opposite Taurus is Scorpio or The Death card. You can observe that not only is Mr. Tulloch’s Taurus stellium troubling, but so is Mr. Parker’s Mars in domicile in Scorpio conjunct Saturn. Here we see by sign Scorpio opposing the Venus in domicile in Taurus in Mr. Parker’s chart, as well as the Mercury conjunct Part of Fortune applying to the opposition with the retrograde Scorpio Saturn.

What is a hierophant exactly? One who interprets sacred mysteries and/or esoteric principles. It is also an individual serving in an educational and/or counselling role. Could the more likely reason for Mr. Tulloch and Mr. Parker murdering the Zantops have something to do with this rather than ATM cards and PINs? There’s way too many similar patterns to think otherwise. Was there a violation of some kind between the querent (Mr. Tulloch and/or Mr. Parker) and the counselor (a Zantop)? Or perhaps the schism existed already given the Zantops and the hate literature read by Mr. Tulloch?

Rectified birth chart: James Parker
Rectified birth chart: Robert Tulloch

The real key to understanding both killers’ charts is the nature of Jupiter. Looking that Jupiter as the ruler of the ascendant in domicile in Mr. Tulloch’s chart is in aversion to Mr. Parker’s Jupiter in exile in Capricorn in the 7th. The block quote in the beginning of this article reflects this, as well as Sagittarius in the 6th in Mr. Parker’s chart. But here’s where the two individuals make up an unique pair that feeds off each other: Mr. Tulloch’s overactive air sign left-brain Thinker and weak right brain is opposite Mr. Parker’s weaker and liminal left brain. In fact, Mr. Parker’s right brain Doer is much more active than his Thinker, and this can be understood in Eric Francis’ narrative in the beginning of this post.

Pivots/angles via Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology

By applying traditional astrological principles of the angles or pivots to the air signs (left brain) and water signs (right brain) in native’s birth charts, the equivalent signs that fall on the angles form a particularly meaningful relationship of correspondence.

The four angles or pivots (kentra) are the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth places, otherwise known as the Hour-Marker, the subterraneous place, the setting place, and the Midheaven. In whole sign houses, this is the rising sign, the fourth sign in zodiacal order relative to the rising sign, the seventh sign, and the tenth sign. These are undoubtedly the four most important places or regions, and they represent the foundation of each individual chart or nativity.

The four angles are the only places that have symbolic connotations that are independent of other schematic factors, and as a result of this they act as the foundation for the meanings of the other places. This is because each of the four angles has some unique astronomical property that makes it stand out, and this becomes very important when interpreting the astronomical phenomena from a symbolic perspective.

Chris Brennan, Hellenistic Astrology

We see in Mr. Tulloch’s birth chart the strongest air-sign angle being the 7th out of the 3rd and 11th, which is where Gemini is. And Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in aversion to its Gemini domicile, retrograde, under the beams of the Sun, conjunct fixed star Algol, and conjunct Mars in detriment, as well as Venus conjunct Rahu in Gemini—is this not, as a pivot or angle, an accurate model to assess the Symbolic Consciousness of an individual capable of the atrocities he committed? This is an ego concerned with the mental nature of destruction for the benefit of monetary gain. Apply the same pivot formula for the right brain, Pisces in the 4th house, and you find Pisces’ ruler, Jupiter, in the first in domicile conjunct the fixed star Antares. The Primary Consciousness influence of the spiritual planet of Jupiter makes the hero’s quest for Mr. Tulloch a nightmare rather than a dream.

The exact opposite occurs with Mr. Parker almost as though their friendship was destined to be detrimental (images via Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology):

Mr. Tulloch:

  • Left-brain pivot/angle: Gemini in the 7th: Mercury, ruler of Gemini, in Taurus conjunct Algol in the 6th. There is aversion between Mercury in Taurus and Gemini.
  • Right-brain pivot/angle: Pisces in the 4th: Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, in domicile in Sagittarius conjunct Antares in the 1st. Jupiter is in an abrasive square aspect to Pisces from Sagittarius.

Mr. Parker:

  • Left-brain pivot/angle: Libra in the 4th (home). Venus, ruler of Libra, in domicile in Taurus conjunct Algol in the 11th (friends).
  • Right-brain pivot/angle: Cancer in the 1st (self): Moon, ruler of Cancer, in Pisces conjunct Algol in the 9th (learning).

This understanding would mean:

  • All fire signs rising have a 7th house Symbolic Consciousness angle (SCA) and a 4th house Primary Consciousness angle (PCA)
  • All air signs rising have a 1st house SCA and a 10th house PCA
  • All water signs rising have a 4th house SCA and a 1st house PCA
  • All earth signs rising have a 10th house SCA and a 7th house PCA

The beauty of this understanding allows for an alchemical analysis of the primary motivations of any native when the birth time, date, and location are known. The condition of the planets will affect the nature of the conditions of their SCA/PCA, demonstrating timing techniques via annual profections and zodiacal releasing as the cosmic chronological wheel turns, coming out as subjective or objective phenomena in the native’s life based on their own conscious evolution.

Non-rectified birth chart: Half Zantop
Non-rectified birth chart: Susanne Zantop

In comparison to the killers’ birth charts, the victims’ charts show clear indications of planetary positions conducive to the oppositional energy of the former. For example, while not rectified—I don’t have enough information provided on the background of the Zantop’s to comfortably do so—the nature of Saturn in these charts is telling; we just don’t know exactly what topic in life Mr. Zantop’s Saturn in exile in Aries or Mrs. Zantop’s Saturn in detriment in Cancer are located without a birth time. We also see the Moon in detriment in Scorpio in Mr. Zantop’s chart and the Moon in Libra in a square, by sign, to the Saturn in detriment in Mrs. Zantop’s chart. Like the killers, the Zantop’s are quite oppositional to each other—another sure indicator that opposites attract—with placements on the opposite sides of each other’s charts.

The nature of Mr. Tulloch’s early Aries Moon applying to a trine with his Jupiter conjunct Antares ascendant falls in the same degree area of Mr. Zantop’s Saturn in exile and Rahu, respectively; the same with Mrs. Zantop’s Rahu and Saturn in detriment and Mr. Parker’s ascendant. I would only assume the Zantop’s had these Saturn/Rahu placements in challenging houses. You also see where Mr. Parker’s Rahu in Gemini is around the same area as Mrs. Zantop’s Mars in Gemini.

Mrs. Zantop’s Leo Sun, center of the planetary placement cluster is in reflection to Mr. Zantop’s Aquarius Sun, also in similar aspect to the rest of his traditional planets. But what sticks out most to me is both of the Zantop’s lack of placements in Taurus—a sign where both killers had a prominence of placements. Given the opening block quote to this post, with Mr. Tulloch’s strong Taurus’ expression, as well as Mr. Parker’s willingness to accommodate, the statement fleshes out the symbolic nature of both killers’ charts, especially in relation to the victims.

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