Image by Steve Maschuck, from Journal of Lovecraftian Science, Volume 3

The purpose of this website is to explore how mystical traditions like traditional astrology and the tarot can help assess the nature of human consciousness. By demonstrating how these techniques increase awareness of cosmic archetypes, and what that looks like when occurring in people’s lives through the spectrum of crime vs. creativity, in a sense, this website is an attempt to spotlight the act of pattern and meaning making, but through the lens of local New England criminals and artists.

My aim here is to gather forensic narrative evidence in an attempt to demonstrate this diagnostic tool in action.

Part I and II of my H. P. Lovecraft and Spica series on author Graham Hancock’s webpage:

Presentation on fixed star Spica:

Full article “Spica and the ‘Escapist Imagination’ of H. P. Lovecraft”:

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