Image by Steve Maschuck, from Fred Lubnow’s Journal of Lovecraftian Science, Volume 3

The downfall of astrology was the inevitable result of intellectual progress; of new discoveries in science, improved methods of reasoning, more intelligent examination of history, and more discriminating investigation of
the prophecies of astrologers. It became apparent that very few definite astrological predictions had ever been fulfilled even approximately, that almost all forecasts were couched in a vague style which might be interpreted in practically any way, that the most successful astrologers were obviously imposters who arrived at their conclusions only through shrewd guesses or profound knowledge of human nature, and that those who
most honestly practiced astrology were the most conspicuous in their

H. P. Lovecraft

The foundation of this website is the exploration and reevaluation of
Lovecraft’s own above quote by applying methods of delineating the “meaning” of the zodiac by means of traditional astrology. I argue that “intellectual progress” itself is but a subtopic of this, as well as a modern trope. And while there are many areas of research to be explored in this discipline, many of these research areas are only as important in contrast to the desire of the querent and the querent’s own faith in the researcher; that is, the egos of both individuals in interaction and reflection of each other-the client and the astrologer. The mentalist providing this service needs the subject’s own interest and attention in order to be effective at this task.

This website is more about attempting to dowse and triage by applying the
art of forensic astrology to local murder cases around where I live.

But what of it? How can anyone make sense of forensic cold cases in this
way? Traditional astrology appears to offer a route for receiving new leads
or providing new perspectives to dead leads.

Astrological researchers assessing these cases through the observations of
the behaviors and intents of victims and villains by astrological,
archetypal, and symbolically acute, experienced-based lenses reveal insights that may have eluded traditional investigatory methods when limited evidence obstructs the creation a linear timeline in a case.

That is, astrological interpretations of the events by natal and transit
charts-birth charts are based on the subject(s)’ time, day, and place of
birth-as well as the time, day, and location of the crime or wrongdoing

Undoing the way we think is key to freeing oneself from the limitations of
mechanistic science. One should start by considering consciousness as not a
result of cognition but the other way around.

By demonstrating how occult techniques increase awareness of cosmic archetypes, and what that looks like when occurring in people’s lives through the spectrum of crime vs. creativity, in a sense, this website is an attempt to spotlight the act of pattern and meaning making.

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